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As long as you have trust, anything is possible...

Mama Niki's Kitchen

Old school Greek style cooking by an old school Greek Mama, from the mountains of Northern Greece to a small kitchen in Sydney Australia.


Individuals making a difference within small communities

Digging deeper to tell your story

When you ask general questions, you get general answers. We explore below the surface, to uncover the real stories.

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Behind the scenes

We’re a leading producer of quality video content, providing video production services to businesses around Australia. We believe stories are the lifeblood of change. By capturing these stories and creating great content, we allow others to share and discover new ideas, new perspectives, changing their view of the world and inspiring new ways of thinking. We focus on this simple idea in everything we do.

Why us?

Here are a few reasons why our clients love working with us:-

We produce great quality work

We love what we do

We always meet our deadlines

We offer consistent and competitive rates

Our process

All great videos require great planning so to ensure the best result, start with an in-depth brief. Following this is a free consultation. Once we have decided on the best approach based on what you want to achieve, an understanding of your audience and your budget, we can start the process. Here is an outline of how this works:-

Initial steps


Start by describing what you want, who is your audience and what you want the video to achieve. Try to be as specific as possible so include target length, important messaging, branding, plan for distribution and any reference videos.


After we receive the initial brief we’ll be in touch to discuss the project either on the phone, video chat or in person. We’ll go through samples, discuss ideas and start drafting an outline or script. You’ll also get a better sense of how we work and our pathway towards creating great content.


Once we have all the information we need we’ll start to draft a quote based on the amount of time we estimate to complete the project. We usually itemise the quote into a few core components:-

  • Pre-production
  • Filming
  • Graphics
  • Editing
Draft schedule

Once the quote is approved we need to lock in times to film and edit. Once we confirm your timeline we’ll work backwards from this date to ensure we deliver on time.

Creative begins

Book talent

We work with people who have very tight schedules so our aim is to always be as efficient as possible to help reduce the amount of time we need with our on-screen talent. Once talent is booked, we’ll work efficiently and make them feel as comfortable as possible. We also make the experience fun and easy so relax and allow us to be the hosts.

Draft script

This is our blueprint for the content we need to capture but let’s not be anchored to it. A draft script is our guide which mostly should contain questions. Capturing the answers is the fun part! But the less scripted, the better. This way we can ensure our talent sounds, looks and feels authentic, honest and genuine.

Site inspection

Finding the right location is important as it reflects how we view people and places within the context of what we want to say. We also want our talent to look relaxed, places to feel real and sounds to be clear.

In light of all this, light, sound and surroundings are important when choosing a location. We’ll organise a site inspection and discuss possible locations before we film.

Filming day/s

Although the most exciting part of the process we spend the least amount of time filming compared to all the other parts of production. A successful shoot is only as good as the preparation. So if we have prepared a good script, have a tight schedule, great locations and relaxed and happy talent, you’re ensured of capturing great content!



A lot of people say “the magic happens in the edit”. I tend to believe that every component is important and if you get them all right, you’ll produce great results. But certainly the edit is where it all comes together.

Our goal when we edit is to structure the story, put all the pieces together and create a story that will engage and capture audiences. It’s a time consuming process so will often take much longer than the time to film and prepare. Every second counts and it’s up to us to decide which second to cut and which second to add to the final narrative.

First draft

When we supply you with the first draft it’s usually as close as we can get it to the final cut. We do this to give you a clear early vision of the finished video.

Second draft

The second draft will incorporate any feedback or changes requested.

Release date


Once we’ve reached final approval we’ll supply you with a high resolution version, ready for upload and broadcast to your video hosting platform. We’ll also supply subtitles on request.


Once you’ve produced a video, the next most important step is to make sure it gets seen. An online distribution plan is essential. Here are a few things to consider:-


  1. Which video hosting platform to use e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia…? Each platform has its pros and cons.
  2. Who are you targeting? This will guide your distribution. Maybe it’s a few important clients or maybe it’s people within a certain age range in the general public. Be focused on who you’re targeting.
  3. Start a list of ways to reach your audience. For example:-
  • Mailing List (EDM campaign)
  • Home page of website
  • Social Media – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Using internal networks or paid advertising i.e. using shared contacts or paying to reach new leads e.g. Pre-rolls on Youtube, sponsored posts on specific networks or any paid online service that accesses your chosen audience.
  1. Lastly, is your video formatted properly for the right network? Have you produced subtitles? One size doesn’t necessarily fit all so its important to make sure your video experience is optimised for every platform.


We can guide you through this process, helping to make sure you get the most out of your video. We can also direct you to specific distribution networks which will help get your message to a targeted audience.

Media Training

Appearing in front of a camera can be an intimidating experience, but with the right training and guidance it can be fun and rewarding.

If you or your staff plan to feature in your next video, there are a few important things to know before we press the record button. Your performance on camera can mean the difference between being engaging and genuine, or being boring and contrived. Transition Films offers media training sessions so contact us for details.


Here are some of the most common questions we receive:-

Why video?

Through video we help to communicate ideas quickly and easily, engaging an audience in a way that no other medium can. Accessibility has also allowed us to watch on any platform, anywhere and anytime, so video becomes a perfect choice for communicating your messages on demand.

What type of video is right for me?

There are horses for courses. Have a browse through our genres which will help determine the right video for you.

Soooo, what will this cost me?

Our costing is time based. There are a few important components that make up the production process so we’ll determine this after our first consultation. We’ll then be able to supply you with an accurate quote based on how much time and resources it will take to produce your video/s.

Talent library

We have an incredible team of talented staff who work together to create great content.

Theo Fatseas


Theo has over 25 years’ experience in the media, arts, design and printing industries. He completed a Bachelor of Communications, majoring in Media Art and Production, at UTS Sydney in 2005 and in 2010 completed a Graduate Certificate in Documentary at AFTRS. Establishing Transition Films in 2006 Theo consolidated his skills and interests in the media and began to build a reputation for providing high quality content to a variety of industries and sectors. Theo’s focus is to make films that give an in-depth view into people’s lives, painting a picture that helps us to understand a little more about who we are, where we’ve been and where we are going. 

Gideon Jennings


Gideon is an accomplished cinematographer who has been working with Transition Films since its inception in 2006. He is a consummate professional with a talent for capturing beautiful images through his long-practiced trade. He also edits and has a keen eye for detail. Gid has worked with most of Australia’s largest TV networks, independent filmmakers and documentary masters such as John Pilger.

Erik Stripparo

Camera/Editor/Digital Strategy

Erik is a video producer and digital strategist with over 25yrs experience in the media industry. Working between Milan, Berlin and Sydney, he was an early adopter of video live streaming, has produced lifestyle, music, and corporate content and is an accomplished musician in his own right.

Matt Roberts

Motion Design

Matt is a motion designer, animator and creative. He loves great design that moves and makes sounds so his skills cross between animation, design, audio and editing. He’s worked on many different types of projects with big and small teams in a variety of ways. In a previous life Matt was also an accomplished touring DJ.

Ryan Kermond


Ryan is a cinematographer, editor and animator who prides himself in storytelling and experimentation. With experience in commercials, TV series, documentaries and online content, he’s worked across a diverse range of projects and platforms across Australia.

Jack Rubinstein


Jack is a documentary filmmaker with a passion for capturing stories in the human and natural world. He’s worked with broadcasters including BBC Earth, Red Bull and Seeker, to create videos that combine entertaining storytelling, digestible information and high production values. He’s fascinated with the craft of filmmaking and is constantly looking for new techniques, trends and technologies to help make videos that move and inspire audiences.

Izzat Nadeem


Izzat is an emerging multimedia artist with over seven years’ experience in creative and commercial projects. He has written, directed and produced a short film and currently developing a second. He has also worked in a number of roles on short and feature film projects and is an accomplished sound recordist and DJ.

From the critics

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent work for our clients and gave them free reign to review the results.

“Wow! I absolutely love it – [this video] encapsulates the essence of Fidelity… I’m thrilled!”

Michelle Harris  –
Head of Marketing, Fidelity International

“Theo and his team have elevated our video content to a new level, helping us to achieve amazing results… Video is a key part of our business and we are confident it is in safe hands with Transition Films.”

James Marlay  –
Co-founder, Livewire Markets

“I just got an email from a partner to say the video was the best thing she’d seen at the AGM – by a mile!”

Georgina Murray  –
Senior Manager Marketing Services & Design, Clayton Utz

“I wanted to express my gratitude for a fantastic show… every detail was fantastic, from the high quality videos we produced in advance to the way you transformed the Engine Room to another world, and the incredible quality of the web stream on the day – it was a fantastic effort by you and your crew. Thank you so much for making it such a success!”

Kelly Fisk  –
Senior Corporate Communications Manager, IRESS

“… I love the extra embellishments you guys did, the extra footage, music and styling around the logo. They make all the difference and show you guys care. All was perfect!”

Tim McQueen  –
Director, Polished Pixels